2020 FAST Global Summit & mini-Gala

If you missed the live mini-Gala, no worries.  Just click the link below to watch it in it's entirety.


Click Here to watch the 2020 FAST mini-Gala



Welcome to the 2020 FAST Virtual Global Summit & mini-Gala - Virtually Unstoppable!

The FAST Board of Directors would like to welcome you to the first-ever, and hopefully only, virtual FAST mini-Gala and paddle raise!  The gala will begin at 6PM CST Saturday, December 5th. You will enjoy appearances by actor Colin Farrell and 7th Heaven Band and be able to paddle raise virtually to support FAST’s mission to cure Angelman syndrome.

We Hope You Will…

1)      Register for the Science & Educational Summit!  It’s free and everyone is welcome to attend. Register at www.cureangelman.live to attend the summit beginning Friday, December 4 at 9AM CST with Keynote Speaker Dr. David Meeker, President and CEO of Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

2)      Invite your family and friends!  Our friends and family are essential supporters to all of us, and we want them to be a part of the fun on Saturday night! Forward this link via email and social media to ensure they join us!  You can access the gala Saturday evening through the Summit platform at www.cureangelman.live. if you are not participating in the summit, simply bookmark this page. Either way, plan to watch the live feed beginning Saturday, December 5 at 6PM CST.

3)      Join us for the mini-gala and virtual “Paddle Raise”!  2020 has been wrought with uncertainty; however, FAST is thrilled to be able to offer a FREE summit and gala so that anyone around the world can participate.  FAST also recognizes our need to invest in Angelman syndrome research is ever present. Carry over your enthusiasm and excitement from the summit and participate here in donating to invest in Angelman syndrome research. You can make your donation on this site at any time, and it will be included in the scrolling donations on this page throughout the live event and virtual “paddle raise”. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!

Bookmark this page and join us here Saturday night at 6PM CST on Saturday, December 5th for all things gala! You won’t want to miss it!!!

Each share, tweet, and email helps us spread the word about Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics.

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